Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Speaking of clever commentary

I have suggested a number of times in the past that the best way to deal with the Wall Street crowd is to set up guillotines on the pavement and run a whole bunch of those sleazy, greedy, oligarchic people through them.

There are several million Americans waiting to stand by, pull the lanyard, and watch the blade fall.

Well, the acceptance of my idea is beginning to spread. I have never had either any great affection for or objection to Senator Charles Grassley, but now I'm developing a fondness for him. He suggests that the culprits from AIG should publicly apologize, resign and then kill themselves. I made a similar suggestion many weeks ago, and thought it had gone unnoticed.

Then along came Charles Krauthammer who specifically mentioned guillotines. I DO object to this guy, because not only is he physically ogreish he's ideologically weird. (Unlike me).

So, I'm not sure if my ideas are gaining popularity in general, are being seized by the Republicans, or are appealing primarily to people named Charles. However, I accept the support.

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Anonymous said...

When you first proposed this idea, I thought you were either kidding, or gone wacko. But alas, I too am warming to the idea. I've been invited to a party next weekend - a fancy dress party and the theme is puns. I am considering going as Eraina Terror (I spelled my name phonetically so you could get the pun). Obviously all this talk of guillotines has inspired me.