Sunday, March 8, 2009

Irish Mike's Tuesday Quiz.

Thanks to loyal reader IRISH MIKE, here are 11 pictures of famous dogs
Here are the answers, and the pictures are printed again below:

1. Santa's Little Helper from
The Simpsons
2. Eddie - owned by Martin Crane on
3. Bullet - from
The Roy Rogers
4. Brian Griffin - from
The Family Guy
5. Tramp - from
My Three Sons
6. Petey - from
Our Gang or The Little Rascals
7. Lassie - owned by Timmy on
8. Buck - from
Married With Children
9. Rin Tin Tin - owned by Rusty on
Rin Tin Tin
10. Yukon King -
Sergent Preston of the Yukon
11. Duke - owned by Jed Clampett
The Beverly Hillbillies

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