Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our impatience

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Seems to me we have spent many years getting into the mess we're in. We were guilty of not putting in office better people who might have avoided the financial crisis, and who might have made a better judgment about Iraq, and who might have been concerned about controlling our very human tendency to want everything, to want it in a hurry, and to want it cheap, on the sly.

We wanted Tax cuts when tax cuts were silly an unneeded. In this state, Michigan, we kept reelecting a governor who cut taxes and returned treasury surpluses to the taxpayers. We wanted cheap credit and were more than willing to go dangerously into credit debt despite all warnings against. We wanted gas guzzlers knowing full well that they were polluters and possible only because gasoline was a bargain. We avoided investing in alternative fuel sources and elected (selected?) a President and Vice President who pledged not to quench our oil thirst.

Now, we have to exhibit a little patience while the painful remedies are applied. Is that such a difficult goddamned concept to understand?


Sparty said...

A simple, accurate statement of why were in this mess. 'We have met the enemy and it's us' (or at least too many of us.)

Irene said...

Hear hear - they've been in the White House for two months - they have to fix 8 years of complete and utter stuff ups.

Anonymous said...

I'm from the Nielsen school of thought....

If the problem can't be solved in 30 minutes, then it just ain't worth solving.



Bud said...

Gee, Marty, even a Michigan football game takes longer than that.