Friday, March 27, 2009

Friends - update on March 27

Stories recommended by 'Birch-ies'
(as always, you are welcome to comment on other people's choices)

SPARTY _ refers you to a very well written opinion called "The Daily Me" which discusses the tendency of Americans to seek out only information that confirms our own ideas ... CLICK
EXCERPT "...each of us is our own editor, our own gatekeeper. We select the kind of news and opinions that we care most about. Nicholas Negroponte of M.I.T. has called this emerging news product The Daily Me. And if that’s the trend, God save us from ourselves."

ALICE - refers to this interesting story about a mass grave found in Pennsylvania. The Irish at rest??

GIGI- highly recommends this article from The Nation which suggests that typical Americans live as well as kings in some societies once did, and that we have a responsibliility to share more with the rest of the world. CLICK

BILL from WNNCO - "What One Trillion Dollars Looks Like" - CLICK

Notes about Friends


DASHMANN and SKUZZA - In Florida for the week.

PAT W. - ANNOUNCEMENT: Mar 26. "Hey, Look! The water didn't freeze in the bird bath last night."

LIAM - three months old, he can now reach out and grab with his right hand, and he's aware of the source of sounds, so he turns to look at them.

IRISH MIKE - very eager to get the boats out on the river, the crews assembled, and the oars working.

MARSHA - one of the drawbacks to spring in the south east is this,
pine pollen, which accumulates by the tons, shown here washed into run-off from a rain storm.
It covers everything.


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