Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another Birches Wacko

Superintendent of Bridgeport, Conn., schools

chosen for the ill treatment of one of his teachers -- by the Board of Education and by himself.
She did the right thing, and he didn't. No kid is going to be traumatized by this; or if he does get traumatized, it's because the parents traumatized him.

FAIRFIELD, Conn., March 24 (UPI) -- Authorities say a Fairfield, Conn., teacher has been charged with making a 5-year-old eat a banana from a garbage can.

Anne O'Donnell, 67, is charged with risk of injury to a minor, a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison, The (Bridgeport) Connecticut Post reported Tuesday.

O'Donnell, who appeared in court with her lawyer Monday, allegedly retrieved a unpeeled banana discarded by the boy, peeled it and told him to eat it, which he did, said a police report on the March 12 incident at the Park City Magnet School.

O'Donnell has been placed on medical leave pending the outcome of the case, said her lawyer, Robert Berke, noting his client had been "well respected in the classroom for years and is now being portrayed as a monster."

The boy was so traumatized he now becomes physically ill when it is time to go to school, said his mother, Latoya McLean.

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margaret said...

I think providing a child with chicken nuggets and calling it good nutrition should be some kind of crime. Those gut grenades belong in the trash. But bananas? I think you're right. His parents are dramatizing this to the child's detriment. Unless the sudden rush of actual nutrients disrupted his system.

Alice said...

I heard someone on the radio today(I wish I could remember who) say: Anything that come s through the car window is not good food." The topic was salt and the rising incidence of kidney stones in young children.