Sunday, October 30, 2011

money grab

See how the wealth falls into fewer and fewer hands.
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New Little Quiz

According to a song written in 1924, and done by Glenn Miller in 1944, and by Doris Day in 1955, how do we know that My Baby must be visually impaired and stupid?

Saturday, October 29, 2011

News from here

Beautiful barista/bartenderess MARI has gone all zombie for Pub Crawl.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011



This morning I was listening to an NPR report about a portion of the Jobs Bill ($35 billion) that would have provided for hiring police, firefighters, and teachers. It was voted down, with every single Republican Senator against it. Republicans keep talking about how taxing millionaires would kill jobs. To pay for the bill there would be a tax increase of .5% on millionaires, and of course that would be a 'job killer', according to the Republicans. But, If passed, Michigan's portion of that bill would have been $945 million, and that actually would have created thousands of Michigan jobs.

October 24, 2011

LANSING, Mich. - For the second time in as many weeks, a piece of President Obama's "Jobs Act" came to the floor of the Senate, and once again, it was blocked. The $35 billion bill, known as "Teachers and First Responders Back to Work," would have prevented thousands of layoffs in public schools and police and fire departments across Michigan. It would have been paid for with a 0.5 percent tax increase for millionaires. CLICK

Tuesday Morning Coffee Oldsters.

But, interesting and cute despite the age.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

on vacation

There's no explanation for this. They wanted a picture, they got a picture.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

We are home from the beach. Now I have to tend to my Blog again. I did read a couple of books as I sat and listened to the ocean make love to the shore. Holy cow! Maybe I should become a writer, too.

I just read about Michigan's former Attorney General who says that in retirement, he is "enjoying being a Democrat while living like a Republican." I understand his comment when I am in a place like Litchfield Beach. It's more beauty and comfort and leisure than I'm sure I've earned. My very good friend, Marsha, helps me stay humble, though. She called me a jerk, and I have to confess, she's right.

I'll probably post a couple more pictures of our "vacation" in South Carolina. I've become apprised of things I did not know while gone because I didn't keep a close enough eye on news and events. I am finding out that some Michigan fans are looking for a place to put the blame for our loss to MSU. Just being a Michigan fan as opposed to the other choice, is comfort enough for me. I am currently very proud of our team and its coaches for restoring our good name. Not every team has a good name, it seems.

As for the elimination of Ka-daffy, I wish it could have been done without our President 's illegal actions.

We've been missing our kids and grandkids!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

more about killing Awlaki

Let's see where we agree and disagree.

1. I do NOT agree that the US is not fighting a war. In fact, I think it's a silly mincing of words for anyone to say that.
2. I do not agree that the killing of enemies is preferably done one way rather than another. I can't see any point in arguing that A a-A was not an enemy of the US.
3. I do not agree that foreign citizens who are captured by the US in conflict (Prisoners of War) are entitled to the same rights as American citizens.
4. I DO agree that there is a very serious constitutional question involved in hunting down American citizens and killing them. I think this should be settled. I keep wanting to hear the arguments for and against this, but no one I know will talk about that.
Frankly, I am disappointed that neither the Republicans nor the Democrats have been calling for Congressional hearings on this matter. It needs to be discussed and debated. Probably it needs to be sent to the Supreme Court and settled.


"Well, the presidential race is getting interesting. In an effort to clear up his reputation as a flip-flopper, Mitt Romney will give a speech on health care. And then, right afterward, he'll give a five-minute rebuttal." —Jay Leno
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See more of Adam Zyglis here: CLICK

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Killing Mr. Awlaki

I've been having discussions on Facebook and in person with various folks -- my son Scot in particular, and his friends, and coffeehouse friends as well-- about the matter of drone killings. The assassination of Anwar al Awlaki is the meat of the discussion.

Scot's opinion is that it is absolutely unconstitutional for the US to hunt down and summarily kill an American citizen.

Sparty's opinion is that we shouldn't be dropping death from the skies on anyone.

The conversation is open here on BIRCHES, because I would like to hear more.

I read this comment in the NEW YORK TIMES, and thought it represented somewhat my own attitude, although I think I have better reasoning than Mr. Floar has given here.

Regarding the Oct. 1 news story about the assassination of al-Qaeda cleric Anwar al-Awlaki “In secret memo, Justice Department sanctioned strike”:

I had been a member of the American Civil Liberties Union since the administration of the first George Bush. However, my conviction that the ACLU was dangerously wrong in contending that Mr. Awlaki’s killing violates the U.S. Constitution and international law forced me to withdraw my support.

The militant fanatics of al-Qaeda have, in effect, declared the entire planet a war zone, since they are prepared to attack us anywhere, and at any time, they can. Nor were we ever likely to be able to extradite Mr. Awlaki from Yemen, a U.S. “ally” in name only. Arresting and trying Mr. Awlaki would have been nice, but in the real world it just wasn’t going to happen.

Mr. Awlaki had declared himself our enemy. In killing him when and where it could, the United States did what was possible rather than what was preferable. The ACLU should remember that we live in a highly imperfect world.

John W. Floars, Woodbridge

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Small quiz

Here are two gents who have made the news. Can you identify them and tell what they have had in common?

Monday, October 3, 2011

OUR TOWN: Less deadly than handguns, anyway

Patricia A. McCloy, 67, of 2210 Patton was sentenced to six months probation for two counts of assault and battery Oct. 7 at 2202 Patton in Saginaw. McCloy pleaded no contest to the charges and in exchange, prosecutors dropped two initial charges of felonious assault (or assault with a dangerous weapon, a pitchfork). McCloy was ordered to pay $266 in court costs.