Wednesday, October 26, 2011



This morning I was listening to an NPR report about a portion of the Jobs Bill ($35 billion) that would have provided for hiring police, firefighters, and teachers. It was voted down, with every single Republican Senator against it. Republicans keep talking about how taxing millionaires would kill jobs. To pay for the bill there would be a tax increase of .5% on millionaires, and of course that would be a 'job killer', according to the Republicans. But, If passed, Michigan's portion of that bill would have been $945 million, and that actually would have created thousands of Michigan jobs.

October 24, 2011

LANSING, Mich. - For the second time in as many weeks, a piece of President Obama's "Jobs Act" came to the floor of the Senate, and once again, it was blocked. The $35 billion bill, known as "Teachers and First Responders Back to Work," would have prevented thousands of layoffs in public schools and police and fire departments across Michigan. It would have been paid for with a 0.5 percent tax increase for millionaires. CLICK


Bud said...

Mike: When I hear stuff like this, I fear for our democracy. Some things are facts, but it doesn't matter anymore what is true or not true, what is beneficial or harmful to our society. There are much darker forces at work against the public good, and it's obvious in this story.

Irene said...

Shame. What kind of society puts children's education and public safety so far down on the list of priorities.

Dashmann said...

Obama is doing the right thing, pointing out the do nothing Republican Congress' non - accomplishments. I really feel
the independant voters will see the truth. Lets not villify any of the current potential Republican candidates --- Obama will beat any or all of them in the next election !