Saturday, October 22, 2011

We are home from the beach. Now I have to tend to my Blog again. I did read a couple of books as I sat and listened to the ocean make love to the shore. Holy cow! Maybe I should become a writer, too.

I just read about Michigan's former Attorney General who says that in retirement, he is "enjoying being a Democrat while living like a Republican." I understand his comment when I am in a place like Litchfield Beach. It's more beauty and comfort and leisure than I'm sure I've earned. My very good friend, Marsha, helps me stay humble, though. She called me a jerk, and I have to confess, she's right.

I'll probably post a couple more pictures of our "vacation" in South Carolina. I've become apprised of things I did not know while gone because I didn't keep a close enough eye on news and events. I am finding out that some Michigan fans are looking for a place to put the blame for our loss to MSU. Just being a Michigan fan as opposed to the other choice, is comfort enough for me. I am currently very proud of our team and its coaches for restoring our good name. Not every team has a good name, it seems.

As for the elimination of Ka-daffy, I wish it could have been done without our President 's illegal actions.

We've been missing our kids and grandkids!

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Alice said...

What do you mean you should become a writer. You ARE a writer. Remember Grandma Moses was past seventy before her art was recognized. Still time as long as you're still breathing.