Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friends notes on March 21

The arrival of Spring has not brightened the state any. Michigan continues to be cold and, today, even snowy. The best sign of spring so far is the crumbling roads, a phenomenon that doesn't happen in warmer places like Florida. Many of our school systems are pink slipping teachers and closing buildings while the Wall Street fat-asses fret about their bonuses.

Some quotations from some friends:
DASHMANN - has sent a very generous commentary:

Congratulations to the Wolverines and Spartans for surviving the opening games in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament !!!

Being an alumnus of neither school ( Western Michigan University – 1966 – Mid-American Conference ) allows me the luxury of pulling for both
Michigan Big 10 ( 11 ? ) Universities during March Madness and the football bowl games except during those rare occasions where they are matched against a MAC school.

Even though my beloved Broncos ( Broncoes ? ) took it on their collective chins from the Champions of West in the CCHA ice hockey tourney last weekend,
it was with great glee I witnessed in big-screen high –definition, brothe Mac school Sienna chase the hated Ohio State Buckeyes from the big basket ball dance in double overtime !!!

Isn’t it great to have both Michigan Big 10 reps playing solid hoops at the same time again ??

On to the sweet 16 !!!!

What a good sport you are, friend. I wish I was a better person, like you.

BILL from WNNCO - "Socially, the U.S. is years ahead of the rest of the world. Just look at the variety of people we're electing to office."

JOE - "Men have two body parts that always give them trouble. If they'd just learn to keep their mouths shut and their zippers closed."

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Alice said...

Dashmann has always been a good soul. That's a wonderful tribute to both schools.