Monday, March 9, 2009

Friends - a brief report on March 9

MARSHA - couldn't be happier -- back in the stands at South Carolina baseball games, sunny warm weather. Ahh, bliss! Carolina is ranked 18th by one source.

JERRY - says that even the snowmen can no longer stand this Michigan winter:

GIGI - recommends this video of whistle-blower Daniel Ellsberg talking about Nixon's plan to use nuclear weapons in Vietnam, from which he extrapolates a lesson on Presidential power. CLICK

DASHMANN - recommends this short news account of how a good purpose can be foiled by the lowbrows who follow it. CLICK , ands it's pretty amusing.

PAM and BINA - have returned from a trip to Florida.

FELIX - has bought a new teacup. He's demanding equal time on BIRCHES ... if we can show PAT W's new dishes, we should show his.

SPARTY - is recommending that we all stop reading newspapers and watching CNN news. And never, never, think of watching Fox "Fixed" News!

ALICE - a new week, a new rescue mission. Great Christian!

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