Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Friends Report, March 4.

We find that while we were in Florida there was a thaw and freeze process that's left large holes in the roads that communities have no money to repair. Meanwhile, we've been in deep- freeze with night temperatures around zero. We've heard that some people like it, but the truth is, everyone is now heartily sick of this winter and will be glad to have Spring ASAP.

IRENE - has commented on Limbaugh, in the comments section under Mondays' posting here on BIRCHES. Others are welcome to add to these comments.

JOSH THE AUSSI PITCHER - We've been told that Irene's son, Josh, at the young age of 15, got a chance to pitch to the Australian and New Zealand national cricket teams, in practice, and that he did very well, in fact striking out a star or two.

PAT W - has gotten new dishes for her Tuscan style kitchen. She wants everyone to understand that she's not spoiled, and that she actually got these at a 70% discount.

SCOT and TRASE - report that angels, even at 7 weeks, can actually float. Here's the proof:

SANDY - has gone from Carolina to California and now to Florida, all family related stops. She reports that her mother's health is much better, that her expectant daughter looks great, and that she'll be home in Michigan in a couple of weeks. Everyone says, don't hurry, it's brutal here these days, economically and meteorologically.

SPARTY - Seems to be very happy that MSU won the Big 10. So, feel free to congratulate him., He has nourished this baby for 50 years.

SHARLEEN - due home from Paraguay this week.

SKUZZA and DASHMANN - spent some chilly days in Ft. Lauderdale last month, but say as bad as it was at night, it wasn't cold like Michigan and you don't have to shovel sunshine. They're going back to Florida soon.

BILL FROM WNNCO - his grandson, of whom Bill is hugely proud, was member of a Science Olympiad Team from Frankenmuth, that placed third in competition.

JOE - his son is visiting India. A different world.

BRENDA and STEVE - are home after a belated honeymoon in Honduras.


Irene said...

Maaaaate- you need a lesson on the cricket lingo. There are no pitchers, only bowlers (they're not allowed to bend the elbow when they deliver the ball) and their are no strikes.... There are 9 ways to get out - the primary ones being bowled, caught and LBW (leg before wicket). Clear as mud??

Sharleen said...

Sharleen is back, seems I brought some of 100 degree weather back with me, I could only warm it up to 67 degrees today. I fear my supply won't last long, but I hope you all enjoyed Friday.