Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Michael McLendon's mass murders could have been headed off

Michael McLendon could have been stopped.

His mother had not armed herself with an automatic weapon. Let this be a lesson to all of you. If you cannot take the initiative to protect yourself and your home, don't be surprised if you get your head blown off by your children, and don't come complaining to me, head in hands.

Any parent who has not bought at least a handgun and who does not carry it around all the time, like a cell phone, is not worthy of the name 'parent'. In fact, if you can afford it, an AK-47 is a much better guarantor of your rights to self defense.

So when Michael showed up to murder mama, since she was the first victim, she could have shot it out with him as any peace-loving parent would do, and even if she hadn't survived, she might have taken him out with her. This would have saved the lives of many other people. As you can see, there is a great amount of conservation in the spirit of gun ownership!


Your Best Protection Against Willful and Dangerous Children


margaret said...

"head in hands" lol!

Anonymous said...

Did you see this guy fired over 200 times and only killed 10 people. What's the criminal world turning into, a play pen?

Alice said...

Does this apply to grandmothers,too?

Irene said...

Pretty bad shot. He probably wasn't thinking straight, that's what made him shoot crooked. Then again, if he was thinking straight, he probably wouldn't have started shooting people. Then again, if people aren't thinking straight and don't just happen to have a big gun lying around, these sorts of things don't happen.

Bud said...

Grandmothers? Sure! If you're going to liver in an armed society, it's every old folk for herself, ya know.

I did see that the guy fired a lot of shots. One advantage to having an automatic weapon, I hear, is that you don't have to be that good an aim.

Irene, I think if you start imposing a standard of "thinking straight" you're going to encumber the whole gun issue with an unnecessary burden.

margaret said...

Some grandmas just give their grandchildren cookies and milk.

Bud said...

I know that some children grow up with a serious Grandma shortage. I think Alice Alice was one of them. Maybe she just doesn't have a role model to follow so she resorts to tricks like cookies.

This is the kind of softness that leads to social corruption and national ruin! How are we gonna raise tough kids with push-over grannies?

Alice said...

Well, you know how I like to be different.

margaret said...

Mom's watching Thalia tomorrow while I work. Just wanted to let everyone know, just in case something goes down.