Sunday, March 22, 2009

CONGRATULATIONS to all the State fans out there, on progressing to the "Sweet Sixteen." Whether or not this team is truly sweet, we'll leave to its adherents to testify. Go State.


scot s w said...

The most impressive thing about the MSU basketball team is that they're all honors students who visit cancer kids on the weekends. And they call their moms every day.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who knows me has heard, (and if you have not, now you will) of my Hierarchy of Hatred: Please Note, however, that this applies only to football.

1- Ohio State.
2- USC.
3- Florida State.
4- Michigan State.
5- Notre Dame.

I think everyone should have one outlined... it really helps when trying to do your brackets and cheering on other sports :)
More Later.


Irene said...

That list gives me the shivers. I must say - choosing between Ohio State and USC for most hated - that's a toughie. I would have to put USC at the top - too many bad childhood memories - then those useless Buckeye fools. Then Florida State - how annoying is that stupid Indian chant that the band plays over and over and over? The rest can tie for fourth in my book, and add Miami, they are all bad news.

My baseball list would only have one name:the Yankees. They easily accommodate all my ill will and bad feelings.

Bud said...

I like this idea and will polling more readers to get their "collegiate hate lists."