Friday, March 20, 2009

Notes from the Love Nest

1. We had a light tube installed in our bathroom, so now the daylight streams down from the ceiling like a flood lamp on a stage. When I stand in front of the mirror and strip, with the spotlight beaming down, I give myself the impression that I'm a Chippendale and all the women will throw money at me. But, so far, no luck.

2. I've lost 5 pounds in 6 months. Wow! At that rate I won't weigh anything at all by the time I'm 140.

3. Both of our cats died of liver failure in the same period of 6 months. I blame the Chinese. I used to blame Bush and then I thought he never had reason to hate cats, or me. Still I wouldn't put it past the bastard.

We had decided, no more pets! But now, we're thinking about it. Trouble is, our kids have herds of dogs and one of them is a cat killer. We know they didn't kill them, because none of them would be able to administer poison.

Do you think we're just getting weak-willed? Some of our friends are afraid of cats, or say they're allergic. Any advice?

4. If we could afford it, we'd buy a second "home" - in Florida. Then we could escape to sunshine and warmth anytime we like.
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Anonymous said...

My advice about friends who say they are allergic or afraid of cats is to get new friends.