Monday, March 2, 2009

Limbaugh: On the matter of misquoting

Rush Limbaugh says that conservatives believe in the 3 principles of Life, Liberty, Freedom, and Pursuit of Happiness contained in the Preamble to the Constitution. He's wrong about this - he's misquoting. I am willing to forgive him for being uncertain about the wording, and even about the fact that this construction is not in the Constitution at all, but rather in the Declaration of Independence. Anyone can get these things mixed up sometimes, especially when one is advancing in years as both he and I are doing. And he isn't that much of a student, anyhow. He is a doctrinaire type who makes up truth as he goes along. He fancies that he has answers to complex questions just because that's what he thinks answers ought to be. So, for him, to confuse the words or meaning of Constitutions or Declarations is nothing at all. For him, the Constitution is whatever he wants it to be, screw the wording.

What bothers me more is that Limbaugh does not mean the same things when he talks about life, or freedom, or pursuing happiness that most of the rest of us mean when we talk about it. When he uses these terms, he means that Life is what the conservative far-right says is Life, like a sperm floating free in a poor woman's womb. To him it doesn't mean ready access to health care that might save one from dying. But, I bet when you think about the Right to Life, you think about being able to buy antibiotics freely, getting medical attention when you've got a staph infection, or being able to hold onto your existence against someone's right to own an Uzi. I bet you even think that if a doctor kills your spouse in a medical screw-up, you should be able to sue the malefactor.

This is the sort of thing that drives Limbaugh crazy. You can tell, because he's ranting and shouting.

That's because he thinks of Life, Liberty and Happiness as policy questions to be settled by those in a certain social class, not as true "Rights."


Irene said...

I read Limbaugh's comments in the paper here today - and I thought you'd post something. This is what the paper here said:

"Limbaugh, who in the absence of a clear leader of the Republican Party is being championed by some as its intellectual voice, delivered an hour-long diatribe against the President and his policies at the Conservative Political Action committee forum in Washington."

What a bunch of wackos must have been at this forum - Rush Limbaugh, the "intellectual voice"? What a bunch of rabble.

Irene said...

People who are losing their jobs and health care and houses are not going to have the time to worry about protecting the unborn and marginalising gay people. People won't be drawn together to rally around these "causes" when everything around them that they took for granted is going down the toilet. To top that off - no one's going to be rally around the ideals of the free market. They need something completely new.

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of Rush's blind fan-club, "Ditto" Irene's comments.... I so agree.

Jim Thill said...

Rush Limbaugh? The radio entertainer?