Monday, March 30, 2009

Friends Report on March 30

some warnings:
from ANNE L. - This is a serious warning, or maybe advisory. You should know that when you add your name to petitions and send them on to other people, someone is collecting all those email addresses for some reason. It may contribute to your spam, and may lower security. And if you add your name, phone number, or address, the collectors know that much more about you.

Warning from

be careful from whom you accept Easter eggs this year. There are a lot of fakes running loose. Don't be taken in by an inposter!


CHRIS - Warning. There are perverts lose these days, especially lurking in the produce aisles. Like, for instance, this FLASHER was caught on hidden camera.


Another warning.
This is from BILL J. What if this fashion in winter muffler wear catches on in the U.S. Ye-gads!


and a sports note:
SPARTY - sent this concerning BASKETBALL and SPARTANS:

From Drew Sharp's column in today's Free Press:

It's "styling and profiling" for TV cameras contrasted against understated Midwestern stoicism.

But at its roots, it's a coaching realist against a coaching idealist.

Rick Pitino accepts college basketball for what it's become. He's as slick as the $2,000 custom-made Italian suits draping his frame on game nights. Pitino demands the glitz and glitter because that's how you attract the high-profile athletes weaned on basketball as more spectacle than sport.

Izzo still believes college basketball should always strive for what it should be, an invaluable life lesson where character rises up from hard work, discipline and adversity. There's an allergic reaction to pretentiousness in his program.

Louisville's Edgar Sosa looked for the nearest available camera after making a dazzling play against Arizona on Friday, pretending to prim himself for his close-up. If any of Izzo's players attempted such a self-indulgent stunt, he'd probably take a prompt seat on the bench at his coach's rather vocal urging.

Footnote: The clever use of language and the wonderful literacy of the piece comes to you thanks to a University of Michigan Wolverine, which Mr. Sharp is; and the wonderful ethics by a Northern Michigan graduate, which Mr. Izzo is!

Second Footnote: Modesty has triumphed over Vanity. MSU has won. Congratulations once again!

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Sparty said...

Based on what I see on sports message boards, Bud may be the only UofMichigan grad to claim Drew Sharp.

And after a quarter century with the Michigan State basketball program Tom Izzo has earned the right to be a Spartan, just as Fritz Crisler, Bo Schemblekerler, Gary Moeller, Lloyd Carr, Richard Rodriquez,John Beilein and other famous "Michigan men" have earned the right to be Wolverines.