Wednesday, March 4, 2009

FRIENDS; What some people are reading

Apologies because I was so far behind in Friends Report ... and still am. I mean there is a ton of things to tell about that people are smiling about, jokes, cartoons, etc., and that will have to wait even longer. [Bud]

JERRY - How one man could build Stonehenge. Very instructive! CLICK

DIG S. - Sent a reference to an article describing Taliban rule in Afghanistan and pointing out that the Taliban are once again trying to take over the country by invading from the territory of Pakistan, an American ally. "Very telling and just amazing that the US still pumps billions into Pakistan."

ALICE - Is happy to know that "The Blackwater Group", which has changed it's name to X or Y or Z or something, is finally getting the comeuppance it has earned. It will not be around in Iraq after this. It's CEO has resigned. CLICK

SPARTY - recommends an opinion article by Charles Blow of the New York Times. Subject, are we a nation of cowards because we avoid talking about racism? CLICK

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Irene said...

The so-called war on terror has turned Pakistan into a terrorist farm. Did you hear that terrorists tried to assasinate the visiting Sri Lankan national criket team in Lahore this week?