Thursday, March 26, 2009

A good teacher

What the government needs now is a good teacher.

I think Obama has an excellent mind and it's filled with complex and potentially effective ideas. Now he needs a good 'teacher to America' who will trot out the visual aids, make a few good hand-out sheets, go to the chalkboard and explain all this economic frippery in fundamentally dumbed down form that the rest of us poor students can understand.

I know that he is making a good effort at being America's teacher, going past the blabbering folks at the networks to get to more "real" Americans out there. But, he could use some help!

Not just any teacher, a great teacher!


margaret said...

Amen! Hey... maybe he could do a tryout show modeled on American Idol, to find just the right one. And all the teachers could come audition. And he and Hilary and Rahm could be the judges? Fun! Oh wait, that would be if he wanted to find some marketable mediocrity. You said Great! Nevermind. But I still like your idea.

Alice said...

OMG! Haven't you heard? there is no such thing! Can't even find 'em for 35 at a time. How many do you think would apply for a class of millions?!