Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friends confront oil disaster

Readers of the BIRCHES know that we have a loyal friend in Brisbane, in Australia. The news this morning is carrying reports of a great oil spill off the coast of Brisbane that is fouling hundreds of miles of beach and many river inlets.

We're hoping that Irene will clue us in about the extent of the disaster and how it may be affecting her family and friends.

You will remember that Irene's family are the same friends who were at ground zero of the Costa Rican earthquake in January, and happily came through without a scratch.

Read a recent update on the dsisater here: CLICK

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Irene said...

It's been one disaster after another! Something like 60% of the state was flooded last month, and there's been 2 hurricanes, and now an oil spill. Meanwhile, hundreds of people died in bushfires in Victoria last month. This place is becoming even more unihabitable.