Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Failure of Imagination

Once again, the Canadians have shown themselves to be people lacking in imagination.

There is the story of the father who left his two little daughters in the middle of a farm field to freeze to death during a blizzard. CLICK

Now, In the United States this could have been accomplished with much more flair. Across the border in Idaho, let's say, an American father would have blown their brains out with an elephant gun and pleaded 'no contest' to a careless use of firearms charge. The gun, of course, would have been in the home to protect the family, so it couldn't possibly have been used deliberately to murder the kids. Second Amendment, you know. Right to Bear Arms, etc. That sort of thing.

In a related story, the Cleveland man who shot to death so many folks, including several small children, has shot himself to death, the police say. CLICK

Aside from the clear fact that he had his priorities wrong (he should have killed himself before he killed all those others) this raises an interesting question: How could a convicted criminal like him get guns? I mean, isn't that illegal?

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Alice said...

Another way to accomplish the same thing is--don't pay your utility bill for two months in January and February.