Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Alabama news, with photos

Some really funny things I heard on TV about the Alabama sportsman who shot all those people:

1. "The Police quickly set up a temporary headquarters in the WalMart parking lot."

2. "He cleaned out his family."

3. "He seems to have been very disturbed about something."

4. "I'm convinced he went over there to kill more people." (Sheriff Dave Sutton.)

Interpretation: Evidently the cops expected the shooter to come to WalMart to rearm. As you know they have the lowest prices on ammunition there at WalMart, and it's always a good place to pick up a cheap six pack. Meanwhile, McLendon had developed some sort of mental distress, so he probably forgot where he was supposed to go to get caught. He took the opportunity to do a bit of house cleaning.

Meanwhile, such a percipient police officer is certainly deserving of re-election.


LATE BREAKING PHOTOS: Mikey and Mommy before the breakup

Reminds one of the famous Foghorn Leghorn line: "Fortunately I keep my feathers numbered for just such an occasion." This is notable since Foghorn's voice was sometimes thought to be an Alabama accent modeled after Senator John Bankhead.

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