Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where in the world ... ?

... is the American sense of perspective?

By watching BBC News I have discovered something very interesting and enlightening. President Obama's trips to India and Indonesia seem to have been quite successful in alleviating fears of foreigners that the Americans are filled with hate for them, showing that we are not hostile to Islam in general, and that we are still a country of tolerance and democracy. He was enthusiastically received in both nations.

Friendship and cooperation were his themes; he spoke with honesty and understanding. He got friendship and enthusiasm in return from his audiences and the large crowds who came to cheer him and Mrs. Obama. I didn't really get those messages from American TV.

Of course, I am not watching as much "news" as I used to, but I have the impression that CNN thinks (in-as-much-as a huge American corporation can actually "think") that he was pandering to his Muslim background, ignoring American hostility towards the world, and trying to give away American jobs. As the new American generations would say these days, "WTF?"

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Irene said...

I really love this photo. It and the accompanying post make me want to cry. Not sure why. Maybe because the relationship between the US and the rest of the world could be so much different if Americans who are "tolerant and democratic" weren't being drowned out. Sigh.