Friday, November 26, 2010

Some recent snapshots

"Cat and the Pat"

Wyatt: Now that was a championship quality belch!

Marsha and new friend, Darius Rucker.

Bill from WNNCO and his sons, Erick and Chris. Will race anything on wheels.

Matt, son of Gigi and Sparty, holds talk with high school kids. He is a top mover and shaker with the State Republican Party.

This red-bellied woodpecker hit our window and showed every sign of having a broken wing. But when I picked him up to check him out, he flew out of my hands. Now, every day, he comes to our peanut feeder. He's as welcome as wealth.

Friend, Cal.

Our beautiful bar tenderess, Rachelle!

Oct. 20, 2010: Flourishing greenery on our back deck, weeks after it should have frozen out. Thank you Ma Nature for the beautiful fall.

Fall colors at the woods by Steve and Brenda's house.

Stop signs at Allendale and Brockway. What is the reasoning? Everyone should stop twice? Someone in the County Road Commission got a great deal on new stop signs? Or has an investment in the company? Or the jobs are so intricately defined that the same people who put in a sign can't take the other one out?

Bud and his new Dodge Calibre

1 comment:

Dashmann said...

Matt Hanley and two cohorts invaded my precinct in Mt. Morris Twp. on election day as Republican challengers.
I still do not understand what they hoped to gain from their all day presence, since the 5 precincts at Hamady High School always go predominantly Democrat.
There are usually no close races in general elections, only in the primaries where Dems are running against Dems.
It delighted me, yet befuddled me, a precinct chairman, when I discovered Matt was not only former Dem. rep Mikes nephew, but also friend Bob's son.
He and I probably had more fun that day, although being in somewhat adversary roles, with our gentle sparring. Despite going over to the dark side, Matt is an engaging and personable young man.
Politics needs honest, well meaning people, like Matt and term limited Mike, whichever side they are on.
I wish him all the best ---