Friday, November 5, 2010

The DASHMANN Challenge

The Following posting is from Dashmann:

About 9 days ago I sent an e-mail to the people who send me right wing stuff, asking them if they could point out any Republican legislation in our country’s history that had been as beneficial and well accepted by the general public as the Democratic sponsored Social Security and Medicare programs.

For a week, no one could come up with anything positive, but I did get a lot of tirades berating SS and MED , despite most of the same people taking full advantage of those programs.

When challenged about accepting benefits from programs they did not believe in, one correctly pointed out he had contributed to them so why not?

A couple people pointed to the Republicans providing national security, despite the worst homeland attack since Pearl harbor taking place on a Republican President's watch, and the perpetrator is still alive and free!!!

Finally my cousin in Alaska, who sends me occasional right wing stuff, but not the mass e-mail Enquirer type lies and half-truth things, came up with Abolishment of Slavery put into law by Republicans and their President Lincoln, and vehemently opposed by southern Democrats!!! I agree that this may be the most important and far reaching resolution ever passed.

She and one other person also named the Civil Rights act of 1964, and while it was well supported by Republicans, it garnered slightly more Democratic votes and 2 Democratic Presidents, Kennedy and Johnson, were in office at the time. The same southern Democrats successors again were its biggest opponents. But it was truly an example of the parties working together to do what was right for America.

Now we come to today, and the same Republican party that began the civil rights movement over 150 years ago, has shifted 180 degrees and now wants to make everybody afraid of anything that isn’t white or Christian !!!

Furthermore, the Republican leaders, Boehner and McConnell have declared that getting rid of Obama is the most important thing they have to accomplish, even at the expense of stifling any recovery that may be underway, because that recovery would make Obama look good in 2 years.

That about wraps up this subject, but I leave the right wingers with one more question.

Will the Republicans and Tea Partiers you are electing try to do what is right for America, even though it may lead to Obama’s re-election in 2 years ???

If not, you may as well send me to Washington –I can vote NO on everything as easily as they can at a fraction of the cost !


Alice said...

Why would you do it for a fraction of what "they" would? Isn't the goal to become a"non-politician" in a "non-government" and collect all the benefits while scrubbing everyone elses?

Irene said...

Boehner was on TV claiming the Republicans had "some tricks up their sleeve" to stop Obama's health care bill from ever coming into effect. That's just what people need - tricks. I also heard Republicans saying they had a mandate - and Obama had to listen to America and let them get on with their mandate. What about the mandate the Dems had after the 2008 Election? Both houses of Congress and the White House, yet the Republicans did nothing but obstruct. How do these people lie straight?

Irene said...

The attitudes described here reminds me of the Tea Party placard I saw in a photo. It read: "Government hands off Medicare!" The Republicans have to stop the Obama's health reforms before they start - because people are going to really like them, just like Medicare and SS.

Bud said...

When the right wing, with its propensity for authoritarianism, in fact reduces government, and in fact reduces its interference in the lives of the population, I'll eat my shorts. They want government to do different things than liberals want, but they don't actually want any less government.

Dashmann said...


Never heard anyone put it that way before ----

Sparty said...

If you believe that government should determine whether or not a woman should be able to terminate a pregnancy, not matter what she or her doctor think, aren't you in favor of big government?