Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What would you do?

This is the latest DASHMANN challenge. He asked his e-mailing friends what they would do in the following circumstance, and he gives the answers he received. Add your comments, please.


What would YOU do with her ??????

From Georgy Ann Geyer’s column11-4-10

Let me tell you a story -- about me. I'm warning you so you can check out, should you want to. You see, I had worked nearly 50 years, done everything right, paid all my car, home and health insurance premiums, etc. Then three years ago, after I had to have a nasty 10-hour cancer operation, my private insurance company canceled me. I was costing it too much.

No matter that, all those years I was healthy, the insurance folks were busy as little bees investing my fees for their profit. No matter that this was their contract, not only with me, but effectively with the entire American people.

No, it had all come down -- as in thousands of similar cases every year -- to simple greed on the part of the insurance companies.

But the worst part has been that, when I have told individual Americans who are against the health care bill my story and asked them, "Then what would you do with me? Put me out on the street?" none of them answer me. And maybe this really IS what we've come to.

What would YOU do with her ??????


Here are the answers I received ------- I leave it to you to decide who takes the more thoughtful approach to things
Right Wing answers
“I guess we'll let Obama take [care] of her like he said he would. Actually I don't see a problem. Maybe you should check with Snopes
Three years ago? I would have complained to my Democratic congressman and asked him to do something. However, that would have been futile as he wouldn't have been capable.
Independent answer –
I would do what every American would do. Republican, Democrat or Independent. Pass a healthcare bill like the parts
now implemented in the current bill. This part is a no brainer. We just don't need 2700 pages of what no one has read and don't have a clue what all of the implications are.
Left wing answer –
As the old Neil Diamond song goes: Except for the name and and a few of the details my story's the same one. It's so very sad about Georgy's plight. The good ole American tradition is to have a spaghetti dinner and other fund raisers. What we real needed years ago( T. Roosevelt proposed it about 1906) and still need is universal, single payer, non'profithealth care. I sure wish I knew how to answer this question in the now with compassion and real solutions.

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