Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where and why?

S. Korea is a really rich country. N. Korea is a basket case.

S. Korea has a population of almost 50 million. N. Korea has a population of nearly 25 million.

S. Korea has had 60 years to prepare itself against an attack from N. Korea who threatens to do it quite frequently.

So, why are we there?


Bill (WNNCO) said...

Here, here, Bud.

South Korea, Japan, all of Europe are examples of foreign policy that is archaic. Each of these areas were rescued, rebuilt, and then protected by the United States. Due to whatever interest, be it financial, political, or just basic benevelance, the United States has saved these countries in the past, rebuilt them with United States money, and then protected them for over a half century.

What has been reward from all of this? Well, we have been subjected to trade imbalances due to poor trade pacts which we accepted, we are now laughed at by most foreign countries because of our percieved weakness in foreign policy, and we have been tied to continous protection of these areas without any financial reward for that service.

At this point a very simple, and I am sure, naive approach would be to state we will offer protection for this amount of reward or we will simply leave. Some of these countries often say they want our bases out of their country, well fine, let do so.

As you well know Bud, I do not think we should offer anything to any country except, food, medical help, and education. If they do not stand up and eliminate an unfavorable form of government, then let them keep it. We did it over two centuries ago.

Oh well, just a ranting on Thanksgiving.

Bud said...

Ranting on Thanksgiving seems perfectly OK to me.

At this time, however, it's the US who is the biggest borrower nation. Countries such as Japan and China have loaned the US astronomical amounts of money. The tables have turned on this in the past decade.

What happens if we can't pay?