Monday, November 15, 2010


Here's my feeble attempt to correct a common mistake.
Everyone who detests what the Republicans stand for these days, is not necessarily a Democrat.

BTW: Has anyone out there heard any proposal from either of these political parties for actually creating jobs?


Irish Mike said...

Republicans claim that extending the tax break to the wealthy will create jobs. Well, they have had their tax break for a quite a few years and I don't see the jobs.
What does help with jobs is extending unemployment benefits. (Which the Republicans are opposed to). Putting money in the hands of those who will actually spend it. But of course how would that benefit the wealthy who have been creating all those jobs.

Sparty said...

It's the old "a rising tide lifts all boats" v. "trickle down" prosperity. We have tried the trickle down theory several times in the past - the Gilded Age, the post-WW I period, and the past 30 years and there is no evidence that most Americans benefit from this economy philosophy. The maddening thing is that those who are hurt most by the policy tend to support it.

Irene said...

Sparty has hit the nail on the head. Why do people vote against their own self-interest? I know there are several factors involved - but what do you think are the major reasons and how can they be addressed?

Irene said...

Maybe you can start up a third party - a left of centre version of the Tea Party. Same thing is happening here with the two major parties - the Green Party is the only party left of centre - and it's membership is growing strongly. I joined the local branch just this month.

Bud said...

I also agree with SPARTY.

The problem with the Green Party, whose positions I tend to agree with pretty consistently, is that it cannot be successful in the American system without a powerful and famous leadership, with lots of money. Even under these circumstances, it's very, very difficult for a third party to accomplish much because they are so effectively locked out by the Electoral College system.

Irene said...

In addition to cutting the benefits to people who spend all they get and therefore add to the recovery of the economy, there is another thing I don't understand. Governments are cutting public sector jobs to save money? Is doesn't take much to comprehend that the people made redundant then will need benefits, then will stop spending money, then will stop paying income taxes.... Not the way to promote an economic recovery. Meanwhile, the banks and their overpaid executives, who received billions of taxpayers' funds, hoard their money. Criminal.