Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More disasters yet to come? I hope so.

The Democrats engineered and operated their own destruction in this election, and Obama egged them on. They deserved this calamity and now they have it. I hear he's admitting it. This will make him smarter than most of the minions barely toiling in Democratic sinecures across the country, who I'm sure are puzzled by the whole thing. They will now have to try to find a new constituency because I can't imagine what combination of interests will make them viable in four years. And good riddance to them if they totally fall apart.

Here is something with which I heartily agree, from this morning's New York Times: CLICK


Irene said...

Very good article.

I don't even know where to start to comment. America has a lot going for it, but sadly, greed and rampant individualism permeates everything.

Bud said...

Our friend Sparty says that most people have a defective historical recollection. I believe that's right.

Alice said...

Why did he wait 'till election day to write this?