Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hello Chaos

The biggest changes I see as a result of the election are these:

1. There will be a new Speaker of the House who appears before the cameras al the time, instead of only occasionally like Pelosi did. He will be talking about how terrible the other party is, just like he always has, and the deadlock in Congress will not be resolved, although he will find a lot of Democrats ready to sell out to him.

2. There will be more lies on television. This is a natural consequence of some of the crazy people now coming into office, as well as the old-guard liars. There may be a new Liars Caucus in the Senate.

3. Obama will now get nothing passed. The Republicans will now get nothing passed.

4. The wealthy on Wall Street, etc., will be doing even better.

5. The Congress, already hopelessly corrupt, will continue to be hopelessly corrupt.

6. The Democratic Party will continue to wander on leaderless, but this time, straight for another electoral disaster in 2012, by which time, Obama will have mealy-mouthed himself into history.


Sparty said...

Are you saying the system is broken? It would be hard to argue otherwise.

The Dems have to figure out how to communicate to a public that has a short, a-historic memory, a difficult task when the GOP has its own cable network that dominates the cable echo chamber. Unfortunately, that probably means abandoning any attempt to be reasonable and instead developing the lying, sloganeering, buzz-word tactics of the Right. No way to govern a country but perhaps the only way in the current climate to win elections.

Bud said...

I agree with every element of your first sentence down to the comma. and it just drives me wild sometimes. It's not good for my heart condition, I know that. I am so glad I'm not teaching government anymore. What in the hell would that be like?

Sparty said...

It would be fun - think of all the meetings we'd have with angry parents and weak-kneed administrators.

Alice said...

You'd have to teach that John Calvin is more important than Thomas Jefferson( if you were allowed to mention his name), that Joe MaCarty is to be revered and you couldn't mention the peoples movements throughout our history especially related to the working people. You could count on frequent visits from curriculum(sp) directors telling you to keep following the curiculum or that what you were doing wasn't in it. Just to mention a few things.

Sparty said...

Gee, Alice, didn't you have tenure?

Dashmann said...

and by 2012, after this years census has driven reapportionment and all the Gerrymandering, the Democrats will find it even more difficult to take control of anything in the federal government.

Bud said...

I do not know where the voice of the Democratic Party is going to come from. There has to be someone the public associates with the party who is guiding the discussion of Democratic policy. It obviously cannot be Obama unless he smartens up really soon.

It doesn't matter how many voices there are speaking, but they have to be on the same message. Who is the person who can articulate a message Democrats can follow?

Alice said...

Is the problem articulating it or getting it aired?