Thursday, April 22, 2010

today's favorite headline

Survey: Librarians get frisky in stacks
I would think if you stack up librarians, they would behave pretty much like any other pile of professionals. I think we need IRISH MIKE's input on this one.


Irish Mike said...

Who are these people? I was not aware of any of this behavior, but this could be due to my naivety. After reading the survey results, I am not sure this is a plus or a minus in the status of librarians. I am pretty sure, with a few exceptions no one would pay for a photo of most of librarians I am acquainted with.

To answer the question: I am guessing that librarians are no different than any other professionals in this regard. Although, they do tend to be better read, with a tendency towards first amendment rights. Maybe this leads to an enlightened attitude that leads to a more bold and adventurous life style. I wish I could ask Marian’s opinion on the survey results.

Bud said...

Thank you, friend. "A more bold and adventurous life" is exactly what I would have guessed.