Sunday, April 25, 2010

Letter from Dashmann

Many rightwing folks like to say Obama hasn’t accomplished much during his 1st term and that they will take back both houses and the Presidency in 2012.

You might help remind them that during Obamas term so far ;

We didn’t go into the deep depression we were headed for ---

More people than ever will soon have health care.

Employment job loss has stopped and we are starting to add jobs.

GM will soon pay off its loans and issue stock.

The stock market is back from a dismal collapse near the end of the Bush administration.

We didn’t accidentally invade any innocent countries and get 100,000 people killed to the tune of a trillion dollars.

All this in just one and a half years !!!!!!!

Tell me what George W. Bush accomplished in 8 years that was so special ????


Alice said...

He made alot of private war contractors extremely rich by declaring not ONE but TWO wars simultaniously!!!

Bud said...

I was no fan of the bailouts to the bankers and car companies, and I still begrudge those bastards from "Wall Street" their disgusting salaries and bonuses and fringe packages. But I think it is true that Obama's rush to do this has saved the economy from collapse and probably saved the car companies from going out of business.

And I still think heads should roll, and I would prefer that literally rather than figuratively.