Sunday, April 18, 2010

comment on Obama's "socialism"

I'm amazed that Obama has gotten tagged as a "socialist". I'm going to assume that this tag is appreciated only by the nutty right wingers who don't now what a socialist is, because for a lot of people I know, and for me as well, Obama is very far from being a socialist, and is in fact too conservative.

Let us assume that some of Obama's conservatism is actually a nod to reality. Maybe he has to proceed much more slowly than the real liberals would like. Could it be that off-shore drilling is an example of his caution in moving the U.S. toward a non-oil based economy, which jittery Americans feel is dangerous?

I am thinking of the slowness which the Obama government has practiced in the area of job creation, and of the lassitude of his efforts in drafting new regulations for the monied interests who nearly collapsed the world's economy while themselves getting rich. These are things that would have been first nature to FDR or Truman or Lyndon Johnson, or any other liberal of past generations.


scot s w said...

Yes, and how "socialist" is a health insurance reform that requires millions of Americans to become customers of state-approved private health insurers against their will?

Reads like a sop to a special interest to me, actually. Nothing socialistic about it.

Sparty said...

Sounds like the "socialist" auto insurance system.