Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

Try to find some way, however large or small, to honor Earth Day.
GREEN AMERICA: Has made a list of "Ten Things You Should Never Buy Again."
Here are some of them I intend to honor.

1. Styrofoam Cups: In truth, I ordered coffee this morning at the coffee shop and got it in a styrofoam cup. I am resolved to never forget my own non-plastic cup when I go to the coffee shop. I hope the strength of my intentions is stronger than the strength of weakening memory.

3. Bleached coffee filters: I am going to make a concertd effort to find where they sell the brown, unbleached type and then set in a supply of them.

5. Teak and Mahogany: Well, this will be easy. I can't claim any credit here, really, but I do promise.

To see the whole list and decide what you might agree to, go here: CLICK


Sparty said...

Actually, they're not styrofoam cups - styrofoam is a building material and it's blue. Those white coffee/drink cups that are so common are what the industry calls Foam B. I don't know what the material is in the coffee cups commonly used by coffee houses - but the principle is the same. Another option, besides bringing your own container, is to use the ceramic cups provided in the coffee shop.

Bud said...

... and I should point out that this is an incomplete list of what we do around our household to be kinder to the earth. It was intended as an example.