Tuesday, March 30, 2010

notes from the home front

1. I went to the shed and dragged out the deck furniture and put it on the deck. I know, She Who Must Be Heard will insist that it has to be cleaned, but I went ahead and sat on the resurrected deck swing and had 2 gin and tonics without first cleaning the cushions.

2. The neighbor man came out into his yard today and I noticed that he's walking more slowly and more decrepitly than last fall. I have to remember to practice not being decrepit or I'll be stumbling around half bent over, too.

3. We have a solitary Junco under our bird feeders right now. Doesn't she know it's still a long,long way to the Arctic? If she doesn't get a move on, she'll miss the mating season up there.

4. We hired someone to come this summer and fertilize our lawn and apply the weed control chemicals. I know this isn't hard work, but I don't want to do it anymore. I was never good at it anyway. I suppose the time will come when it's all outlawed in the name of ecology, and I won't care.


Anonymous said...

Drinking WITHOUT cleaning the cushions... You rebel...

Irene said...

I was going to say the EXACT same thing! Gin & tonics yet. Too naughty.

Felix J said...

1. The reason the man next door is decrepit is he sat on uncleaned cushions.

2. I am walking decrepitly, too....and, that comes from only one day of work. (Perhaps your neighbor worked one day, too)

3. There are generally about 20 juncos on the ground outside my window. My "wife" had one in her basement the other day. so, there is still time for the journey of love.

4. I don't mess with chemicals any more than I have to. I say it's a good call...