Saturday, May 28, 2011


Yes, there is a huge Public Debt, but it isn't because of Social Security or Medicare:



Dashmann said...

After the Republicans "starve the beast" for 18 more months, the beast just may be ready to bite them back.

Bud said...

Yeah, and here's three suggestions for bites when the Democrats take over again. (Assuming that a majority of the Dems will actually be Dems and not Repubs. in Dem cothing):
1. Get out of the wars./
2. Move the tax rates back up for everyone, bit mostly for those who've jad the best breaks since Bush.
3. Raise the Social Security contribution ceiling from 115,00 or whatever it is, to no limit.

Dashmann said...

YUP --and remember, Bill Clinton left the Presidency with the country in pretty good financial shape ----