Friday, May 6, 2011

Some odds and ends

1. Friend BILL OF WNNCO sends an article by conservative economist/columnist Walter Williams who predicts that Obama will be reelected by a landslide. This was written before the Bin Laden killing. His argument rests on the ignorance of the American people who understand virtually nothing about economics, and it is the Obama economic policies, he believes, which make the reason why Obama should be defeated.

2. al Qaeda say they want to blow up some trains in America. Now, contemplate this bankrupt thought for a moment. Do you think they want to blow up a munitions train? A troop train? A coal train? Nah-h! They want to blow up a passenger train, or two or three.

Why? A dollar to anyone who can explain to me why this is a good idea, even by their own twisted fanatical logic.

3. (Disclaimer: I've never been an "Obamaniac" as they used to be called in the election campaign. He was not my choice for candidate, and now, I don't agree with a lot of what he does (or fails to do) as president.)

Nevertheless: He is so much more of a leader and of a decision maker than he is given credit for, and at least he has restored the faith of our allies and the standing of democracy in the eyes of the world. Think of all the vile things that have been said about him. Has any of it proved to be true?


Sparty said...

Re: Walter Williams - why are libertarians considerd conservatives?

WNNCO said...

For whatever reason, whether it is ignorance of matters or blind belief in ones political religion, Obama is a shoe in. I do not know why the Republicans are even wasting time or money