Saturday, May 28, 2011

BILL'S Corner

Evidently following up on the discussion about men, and especially white men, and the comments made on his last posting, Bill offers this explanation:

Men disgusting? I think not!

I find the surprise, disgust, and fascination with the behavior of men to be both baffling and amusing. It is quite obvious that the basic reason for this behavior has slipped by most people. The simple answer is genetics.

For whatever reason, be it a god or evolution, there have been two basic genetic developments that have been generated in men and women. Men have genetically evolved or been designed to spread seed. Yes… “Men will screw almost anything that stands still” is a simple genetic fact. Women on the other hand have been implanted to collect twigs and branches and build nests. Men simply look at every woman in the context of “sex or no sex”. Women look at men with the evaluation of how would they fit into the nest and the offspring that would arise. Between these two genetic designs we have been able to satisfy the reproduce portion of the “eat, survive, and reproduce” drives in our existence.

What needs to be pointed out, though, is that it is a very vital part of the male/female relationship that men are such disgusting creatures. Basically if there was not this dominant (defective?) genetic feature, most men would not socially speak to women. I know, I know, you cannot possibly believe this; however you are still thinking with the male sex drive concept dominant in your mind. If you can, scrub completely out of your mind the male sex drive portion of this discussion and you may begin to understand.

As an example, let’s leave the female nesting aspect intact and erase the male sex obsession to look at a scenario. Would a boy walk across the high school dance floor to ask a girl to dance so that they can discuss the cars they drive realizing that there is a real possibility of the rejection that may occur in these situations? Let me see…Walk over to dance and talk with Julie about my new exhaust system on my car or stay right here and talk with Johnnie who has the same system in his car. I don’t have any sexual thoughts in my head so I think I will stay right here. It is difficult to clear our minds of the sex aspect due to the fact that it is genetically implanted, however if you can accomplish this you may see the point.

Basically the “disgusting” behavior of men is the best thing women have going for them and it should be relished, not held in disdain. After we get the sex out of the way we can usually find that we have something in common and can enjoy each other's company. If not, there is always divorce.


Irene said...

Sorry, if men want to roam free and spread their seed like in the old primitive days, then they'll have to live by the rules in the old primitive days. The societies generally were matriarchal - so the women were in charge. Sorry boys, you can't have it both ways! Give us all the property and power, let us sleep around as well, then we might have a deal!

Sparty said...

Damn, what a pickup line, "Do you want to talk about my exhaust system?" Maybe I wouldn't have been rejected so many times if I'd used that one.

Bill said...

It should be remembered that in the good ole matriarchal hunter and gather days, women were the makers of beer. Remember of the big four " beer. food, sports, and sex"? No wonder women were in control.

In addition, without the genetically defective sex drive in males, why would there be the need for a "pickup line" and possible rejection?

Bud said...

Why do you say the male sex drive is "defective"?

It does seem that this nesting proclivity is common to human females; and thank genetics for that blessing. I do think a lot of men have it, too, but maybe they need a woman to lead them??

Bill said...

The term "defective" is used not from a biological reference but from a sociological basis. The sex drive urge,that most men experience, is great for the continuation of the human race (Darwin and all that). However this urge can be troublesome from a sociological standpoint in that it can be overwhelming at many times and therefore problematic. As an example, there is an adage that goes something like "Men only have enough blood for one organ at a time" and the brain is the organ that usually suffers the starvation. Not good.

Bud said...

The woman who owns me is retired from a long career and now has time to turn her attention as much as she wants, to the care of our nest. So, I will extrapolate from this one example to the whole universe of women, that this part of your argument at least, is correct.

And aren't we lesser persons grateful?