Monday, May 23, 2011


I really don't know why the President has failed to make a report to Congress on American participation in the Libya revolution or civil war or conflict or whatever it is. He should have done so, and as a left-leaning citizen, I'm shocked at his failure.

Further, I do believe he has a responsibility to do that, even though it is unlikely that the Congress could ever organize itself to consider the matter in any organized or logical way because there is not a personal financial interest for most of those members. I don't think they're much interested in the powers or prerogatives of the Legislative Branch, or particularly interested in proper Constitutional order and operation.

I do believe in the War Powers Act. I do believe in public debate concerning the use of force. I do believe that a well-ordered and properly influenced Congress ought to have a considerable role to play in policy decisions this important.

This is yet another example of the erosion of democracy in America.

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