Thursday, May 26, 2011

BILL'S Corner

"With great satisfaction we inform you that the first volume of "Basic Introductory Manual to Understanding Women" is now available."

This man is studying the Chapter on PMS. Other chapters include
and many others.
(The Management of this Blog states that there is a Bill, and that he is not me.)


Irene said...

I suppose the men's version would just be a few dot points around beer, sport, food and sex.

Bill said...

Beer, sports, food, and sex. Gadzooks..You mean there is something other than the big four?

dashmann said...

You may not be giving that powerful little brain between men's legs enough respect but putting sex last of the big 4 !!

Irene said...

Sorry - they were in no particular order. Actually, they look to be in reverse order according to my observations.