Thursday, May 19, 2011

all of them bastards

I no longer think many complicated thoughts. It's so much easier to think simply-mindedly, and 'easy' is a concept my corpulent laziness can energetically embrace. You know, I'm 68 now, and thoughts stumble through my mind without being readily captured by my consciousness, and often when I go searching for them again, they have limped out of sight.

I had a question for myself. Why is it that there seem to be so many sex scandal-like things lately? It's actually quite easy to answer, easy being my preferred type of answer: Because there are so many men. As one of my friends recently stated: "Men will screw almost anything that stands still." In this regard, of course, we have to immediately look at the recent IMF banker allegations -- old man Strauss-Kahn and his proclivity to make deposits where his bucks are not wanted. Or for that matter, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Republicant. I imagine the housekeeper had nonchalantly bent over to pick up a dust bunny and was wrestled to the ground.

Males will look for excuses, of course. My favorite excuse was offered by Newt Gingrich, Republicant, who has a hellish time arriving at anything like a reasonable explanation for anything anymore. I think he's lost his marbles. He said he cheated on his wives because of the pressure of politics and hard work, always putting the interests of his country ahead of his own. What a snort!

Senator John Ensign, Republicant, was particularly devious and will probably wind up in jail. You know, the word "ensign" has two meanings. One of them means "an icon or standard". I hope he's not, actually.

Then I heard on TV news that the Vatican -- or some Catholic Church committee -- is blaming the wide-spread sexual scandals of the Church on "the mores of the -sixties and -seventies." Well, OK, I guess in the training for priesthood and holiness, we really should not expect any lessons on how to make moral judgments. Or maybe, in Gingrich fashion, a priest who is dedicating himself to God doesn't have time to make personal moral choices.

You do wonder, though, how many of those flower children really went into the priesthood.

Nah, that's not it. Truth is, priests are men! If there were a lot more women priests, these things wouldn't happen.


Sparty said...

Supports my general theory that white males are the cause of most of society's political problems.

That ridiculous report blaming the Catholic church's sexual abuse scandal on the 1960s was not issued by the Vatican or any group of clerics but was the conclusion of a study conducted by academics from the John Jay College of Law - BTW, the study was commissioned by the U.S. Catholic Bishops Conference!!

Bud said...

Why "white"?

Sparty said...

Thanks for the soft ball:

How many black or brown Boehners, Kanters, O'Reillys, Becks, Limbaughs, Gingrichs, Trumps, Scott Walkers, etc, etc, are there? When's the last time you saw an NRA sticker on a vehicle driven by a black or brown person? Where did the greatest bulk of votes come from for Goldwater,George Wallace, Nixon, Reagan, Bush I & II, McCain, Palin?

Irene said...

I suppose black and brown men don't get the opportunity to become involved in politics, and when they do, they get turfed out of the scene after the first stuff up. Imagine if Barack Obama had Newt Gringich's marital history. No way would he be president, let alone a candidate! But I wouldn't say worldwide it's just white men. It's any men with power (look at Africa). But I honestly don't think women would be any better at running the show.

Sparty said...

Irene, I agree that people with power, no matter the gender or ethnicity, may abuse that power. However, my point is that in the U.S. the kinds of office holders most likely to be ultra-nationalist, xenophobic, gun-toting simpletons are in office because they were successful in gaining the support of a significant majority of white male voters.

Alice said...

Thom Hartmann says that the single most dangerous drug in America is testosterone.