Monday, May 16, 2011


to one of the
world's best minds,
Steven Hawking,
"Heaven is a Fairy Tale".

My friend Bob says, that depends on what you mean by "Heaven".

After all these centuries, can't we get this story straight?


Anonymous said...

I read this article on Google today. I really like Hawking--- and although I'm in danger of sounding too philosophical--- I think if you read between the lines... It's as Bob says, it's what you mean by "Heaven," but I think it's also what you mean by the word "Believe." Hawking wants nothing more than to stay on Earth and experience more. His belief is that people throw away an amazing experience "here on Earth" in hopes of something better after death. Why should he put his belief into something more than what he wants right now. For him, "better" and "heaven" would be to be healthy.

Personally--- (and rather sentimentally) I can look at the cosmos and try to imagine that something of a higher power made all of this to be a part of some grand scheme. But I am more amazed at the small but infinite wonders in the creation of my boys. I don't need to look further for proof that there's a heaven right here. To that point, I can't agree with Hawkings more.


Bill said...

Excellent article. As you well know I am in concert with that philosophy. The one thing I know for certain is that nobody has the faintest idea of how all of this happened or why we are here.

As a personal view, I think that religions are the basic evils of the world. They will always be here and will always be the source of misery for the world.

Sparty said...

Nothing particularly profound here. I suppose because Steven Hawking expressed this view it takes on the aura of brilliance; however, he is attacking a straw dummy.

scot s w said...

I think Hawking made the classic mistake: Stepping beyond what he really does know to something he doesn't.

His understanding of the cosmos is profound. His understanding of its maker is no better than yours or mine, really.

Alice said...

Since I am afraid of the dark, I find "heaven" a comforting goal. Evil is in man's greed and selfishness. Those motivated by those characteristics blame them on what ever philosophy suits their fancy. I don't believe that all the practitioners of most philosophies are evil. Just my opinion. Heaven and hell are part of eternity so they can be here and now as well as past and future. Thinking of heaven helps me. What ever it is or isn't.