Sunday, January 30, 2011


I watched Hillary on TV today explaining the U.S. position on the Egypt situation. I thought she did a great job of walking the tightrope that the U.S. has to walk at this moment. How hard this is for the American government. We have to cheer for the future of Egypt which is not Hosni Mubarak, but we can't seem to be meddling. The strategy seems to be to avoid talking about the dictatorship and instead focus on reform and future democracy.


Irene said...

Good on her for not telling the Egyptians what to do. Usually US leaders like to meddle, in fact, they think it is their prerogative!

Bud said...

I see her later statements were more supportive of the protesters. I think that is OK, but of course, she didn't ak me.

Dashmann said...

The Iraq invasion was 8 years ago.
Shouldn't our new friend in the middle east be helping out in this Egytian situation ?????

Just asking ----