Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More on Education

People are talking below about what content should be taught in the public schools. Who should decide which version of history to teach? Which values to teach? Who should select the textbooks?

These are good questions for which I have offered no answer. I remember when I taught, the teachers in a discipline, such as the "social studies" teachers, chose the history books. I never thought that created much of a problem. However, I do recall that the Humanities teacher glued together pages of every textbook because they included the "Miller's Tale" from Chaucer (or was it "The Wife of Bath?") and that included the word "farting".


Irene said...

Not the f-word!

Dashmann said...

I remember the line " and let a fart, as loud as if a clap of thunder did roar !!!!!!! "