Tuesday, February 22, 2011

from a friend

Taken from a friend's posting on Facebook.
I was a public employee and am not the problem. The US has lost billions in Wall Street speculations that went awry. I followed the rules. Your community's school teachers, police officers, paramedics, firefighters, street and highway workers, and others are NOT the enemy. We live here, pay taxes, work hard, and are trying to support our families, too.


Sparty said...

Wall Street and the bankers brought us this financial mess and those that carry water for them have convinced many that the bad guys are public employees. What a country!!

WNNCO said...

Joan has made an order of magnitude error. Wall Street did not lose billions, they lost trillions. In addition, the worst part of it is that the S.O.B.'s that orchestrated this disaster then were paid millions and had the opportunity to reinvest it in the market that they destroyed. Just think, in hte past two years they were able to double that amount again. The final outrage is that some of them are now in our government.