Saturday, February 12, 2011

A modest proposal for our wacked out friends on the far right fringes of paleo-politics.

I see that the mouth foamers are meeting in CPAC , which I believe is a planet just east of K-PAX, in order to look at some likely presidential candidates. This is pretty much akin to a sudden gathering of vagrants at an accident scene, looking at the bodies strewn on the pavement and trying to figure out whose pockets to rob.

In any event, Michele Barkman, who has enough mouth for three sets of teeth, says that they must unite behind whoever is most likely to make Obama a 1-term President. Usually, when a well-intentioned group of politicians gather to choose a candidate, they are looking for a person who would make a great office holder, but the Republicans haven't done that since 1980.

I have a modest suggestion: Jared Lee Loughner. He would be right down your alley. Not only is he conservative on social issues such as gun control, but he's a loyal right-wing campaigner, and has a history of political participation that appeals to so many conservatives like the Sarah Palinese. His mind is in the right place, and he wouldn't be the first guy to run for President from jail.

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Irene said...

By the way - I read that Bristol Palin is considering a run at the presidency one day too. Why don't we get rid of Republican primaries, and have the candidate decided on a reality TV show? People can ring or send a text to vote for the winner each week - until we have a final winner - the Republican candidate for president in 2012! People would get really engaged in the democratic process! I'm sure a network like Fox would come on board.

Here's an article I read yesterday about delusional people who think they are presidential material: