Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Latest Love- illustrated


Well, Obama has spoken -- and very, very well, I might add. If nothing else, he is a good-hearted man, one of the most decent men we've had as President as far as I can see. Anyway, he wants us to work together with the people we don't like, in a more cheerful, cooperative way.

So, I guess I'll set up a gun give-away program --- you know, like the needle give-away deal in skid row that stops the spread of AIDS. ( Evil things that kill a lot of people are common in our society, from disease to drunk drivers, etc., and we have to learn to cooperate with those things.) My gun-give away program will allow poor people to have access to self-defense. This will demonstrate my cheerful willingness to cooperate with the very fine, decent people who own and shoot guns.

From here I hope to expand into gun exchange programs in big cities, so that when you get tired of the gun you have, you can pick another one.

Can anyone out there tell me if I'm supposed to hate either the gunman in Tucson, or the gun? I can't get a handle on that. So far I've learned to love rapists but hate rape. And I have been working on the same for shop lifters. Any advice out there for a reluctant hater like me?


Alice said...

Can we add one more to your list? How about love drunks and hate alcohol? I think I feel about booze the way you do about guns. I do also echo your attitudes about guns.

Sparty said...

I thought we weren't supposed to hate anybody - something about forgiving 70 times 7.

Bud said...

I am loving