Monday, January 17, 2011

foreign policy

I have been making a kind of mental review of Obama-Clinton and their handling of foreign policy.

Do you realize it's been 2 years since anyone seemed to think they hate us, at least publicly? I can't think of a single foreign policy stumble they've made. Can you? I suppose the additional troops in Afghanistan is a debatable situation, admitted.

Oh, I've heard the far right squealing about him for supposedly apologizing for some of our past policies, but I never heard an "apology" and am convinced that such talk is just political bullshit. What I like is the liberal talk I hear from Hillary so often, admitting our problems in the US, not trying to hypocritically excuse them. It makes us look stronger, I think, when we don't try to paper over our weaknesses.


Irene said...

Yes, I agree. No hype. Respect for other nations and their people. Obama and Hilary are very popular abroad. They are intelligent and competent - a refreshing change. The US should keep them for awhile longer (til 2018 please).

scot s w said...

Well, on the one hand, they aren't making new problems. Which represents a quantum leap. I'm trying to think of one they licked, though.

Irene said...

Good point. Anyone would look good after the last lot of rabble.