Wednesday, January 5, 2011

passing thoughts in early January

1. Many thanks to ALICE for being one of the best-hearted people in the world.

2. What you hear when old people talk too loud in restaurants:

"I went to the oncologist for five years and now he says I have to take no more treatments. I'm in total remission. This is God's will. He hasn't finished with me yet."

"No, there will be four of us. They're still pawking the caw."

3. While I waited for my car to be done at the car wash, I was people-watching an old gentleman who had no shoulders, but a very broad ass. Then he got into his big Cadillac with the New York license plates. Just before he did, I saw him drop a dollar into the tip box. I thought as how he probably made a fortune off other people's money and was determined that this would not happen to him. There is a place in hell ... I do hope.

4. Florida, Michigan and California have just sworn in new governors. One of them is not a Republican millionaire. How the hell did that happen?

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