Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jan 4 return to action

The BIRCHES have been silent lately as I have been busy with other obligations. People who know me know what that entails. However, I haven't received any complaints. I suppose it would be as if the Saginaw News would suddenly stop publishing. No one would object.

(Not that I consider BIRCHES to be on a par with the Saginaw News.)

IRISH MIKE has forwarded a swipe at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, from New York RTimes columnist Paul Krugman:

Snow Job

It’s always important to realize that someone can disagree with you politically without being a bad person. But there are bad people in politics, too. Maybe it’s just my bias that gives me the impression that there are more mean, self-centered whiners on one side of the aisle than on the other; but anyway, a spectacular performance by my governor:

When asked about the hundreds of people trapped in their homes for days, Christie said unless they lived on state roads, it’s not something his administration would have been able to change.

“If someone is snowed into their house, that’s not our responsibility,” Christie said.

When asked about mayors who said they were forced to divert their resources to unplowed state roads instead of clearing local roads Christie said, “I know who these mayors are and they should buck up and take responsibility for the fact that they didn’t do their job.”

Just brimming with generosity, he is.


Dashmann said...

The system is already set up.
Him being in NJ or Orlando shouldn't have made any difference.
He might not have been able to fly home had he tried.
He probably was more effective being totally available on a cell phone.
I give Gov. Christie a pass on this one. A Governors job is NOT to micromanage things ---remember how we hated working for people who did that ???


Sparty said...

A subtext of Krugman's dislike of Christie - he has recently skipped a state aid payment to the schools, is demonizing the public employee unions as the cause of New Jersey's problems, - and has vetoed a tax on millionaires.

Dashmann said...

No doubt about Christie being a total jerk --
I only gave him a pass on the snowstorm issue ---