Sunday, January 9, 2011

concerning the gun murders in Arizona

I have taken time to watch some of the coverage of the Arizona murders. Here are some of the words being used, and what I think of them:

"OUTRAGEOUS" - I have seen the shooting down of two Presidents, a bunch of peaceful demonstrators at a college rally, the shooting death of two candidates for President, the curbside murder of a peace-loving musician named Lennon, the wiping out of several rap stars, and now suddenly this act was "Outrageous"? Hold on, it seems quite "in-rageous" to me. Quite fashionable in our country, actually.

"SURPRISING" - Anyone who claims to be surprised by this act is a simple liar. No one is surprised by gunplay anymore, or the murder of prominent people in the country. All of it is perfectly foreseeable, if not the specific target, at least the act.

"UNEXPLAINABLE" - Anyone who claims not see an explanation for this lacks the simple level of perspicacity to see the connection between cause and effect. If you take an emotionally disturbed person, give him high powered guns, inspire him with vitriol, then you are going to have murder. How's that for an explanation?


ALICE said...

Thom Hartmann asked an interesting question on his show today.
If a Muslim put up a map on the internet targeting prominent Americans in crosshairs, how long do you think that person would be walking around free? Or if Malcolm X or any hispanic leader?

I'm getting tired of hearing "it's true of both sides". Back it up! That's nonsense.

SPARTY said...

Sparty has sent this reference to a NYTimes article stating that there should be regulations on some guns, like Glocks, which have no value except to kill people in large numbers.

Alice said...

Maybe if we had better mental health programs that consist of more than drugging people that might help too. The talking heads are on their way to demonizing the parents. That's wrong. We know so little about how the mind and/or brain works. Lots and lots of people rise above mild to horrendously bad parenting and don't act out in this manner; while others who come from semingly great caring and loving parents act out horrendously. Where were all the helpers when he was getting kicked out of schools, having complaints filed about him and police attending to him. He's beencrying for help foe a long time. We talk a good talk about mental health care and publish lots of 800 numbers but in the end on one know what to do.

Bud said...

Thanks to al for the contributions.

scot s w said...

I think the gunman was deeply disturbed, and while I'm troubled by the rhetoric from the right, I do not think this was a case of someone making a political hit. I think this was a case of someone deeply mentally unsound, and whatever political ramblings he may have uttered are secondary to that fact. It may have helped determine his target, but the capacity to do what he did was less about extremism than it is about illness.